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Chikni Chameli Saree Blouse

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Chikni Chameli Saree Designs

The awesome to Chikni Chameli Saree is done with beautiful shades of brown and yellow amidst other colours. The georgette saree is decorated with pearls and kundan works which makes the saree look breathtaking. The response to Chikni Chameli has been fun and heartening so far. It was a lot of hard work. We did a lot of rehearsals and preparation for it. It is a song with a very fast tempo and it’s not my usual style. But I took it as a challenge and went ahead and I am glad that all the hard work that we put in as a team has paid off. After Sheila ki jawaani (in Tees Maar Khan), I am happy people are liking Chikni Chameli. Read the rest of this entry