The Third World


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The Third World

The Third World (Hijra for the Era)

Belong to any nation they exist, they breath, the desire and they are a controversy by traditions.

Azeem Sani a famous photographer presented a photo shoot related to human being that is known as Hijras in this world. The theme of this photo shoot is not to promote the low level work of Hijras but it is here to tell the world that Hijras have their own reputation in this world. They are not birth to get insulted by so called normal people like us. Hijras have their own importance in this world but we people never understand this. We always treat them with harsh words or sometimes insult them or laugh at them mostly. This is not the way to treat Hijras.

The Third World is all about the life of human being like us who are known by the name of Hijras. Hijras are also having their own reputation in this world as male or female do have. But people like us never treat them kindly or with respect. These are also human being that people like us don’t understand. The Third World theme is basically all about to give them respect too as we male or female have.

In some countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh Hijras have no working field instead of begging. They mostly found on the traffic signal or begging at door to door in streets. This is why because we people never give them chance to do something professional like us. We never give them chance to get education, infect we separate them from us with a thought that they are not like us. This is the reason they make their own community named as The Third World.

Most of the country Hijras has all rights of a normal human being, like they can earn by different professions that have repute in this world. They don’t need to beg to fulfill their needs. But in some backward countries they don’t have any chance to even live respectfully.


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