Amazing Tattoo Designs

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Amazing Tattoo Designs

Amazing tattoo designs always looking for the next amazing tattoo design to set themselves apart from the crowd and granting this might seem like an easy task, anyone who has been through it knows in a different way. Sometimes it can just hit you, you see something in a picture or in a museum or even in a movie and bingo! that’s it – you know square away that this is your next tattoo.

If you’re one of the lucky ones (those who can draw beautifully from dreams) you can scribble it down and take your own amazing tattoo design to your tattooist and within no time at all your dream is a reality. However, most of us are not that lucky and whilst we have willing and original minds which think up all these amazing tattoo designs we have weak and dogged fingers who insist on not getting the picture (literally!).

Body art has been with us from the year dot when early cave men used it not only for mask but also to mark themselves and their tribesmen out from other rival tribes. Indeed, the word ‘ tattoo’ is resulting from the ancient Tahitian word “tattoo” meaning to mark. Since then tattoos have evolved into a somber art form and most people are into their body art because it is beautiful and because it makes a personal statement about themselves.

Choosing your amazing tattoo design can be a test though. Just think of all the Chinese symbols for example. Do you know what they mean – and moreover, do you expect your tattooist to know? A very good friend of mine had a Chinese symbol tattoo done a couple of years back.


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