Chikni Chameli Saree Blouse

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Chikni Chameli Saree Designs

The awesome to Chikni Chameli Saree is done with beautiful shades of brown and yellow amidst other colours. The georgette saree is decorated with pearls and kundan works which makes the saree look breathtaking. The response to Chikni Chameli has been fun and heartening so far. It was a lot of hard work. We did a lot of rehearsals and preparation for it. It is a song with a very fast tempo and it’s not my usual style. But I took it as a challenge and went ahead and I am glad that all the hard work that we put in as a team has paid off. After Sheila ki jawaani (in Tees Maar Khan), I am happy people are liking Chikni Chameli.

Chikni Chameli has been garnering a lot of attention and my style of singing is very different from any song that I’ve done before. Most of my friends have been calling me and asking, is that really you? ’ Many of my music director friends are in shock too. Salim (Merchant) told me ‘I always knew you had this wild side to your voice. I’m glad that it’s been captured.’ I’m enjoying the element of shock and surprise… I never say ‘no’ to any song except when I’ve had problems with words that were very obscene. This song has made me open to experiments, more than ever before.

Since Chikni Chameli has the whole Marathi angle to it, we decided to go with a knotted kashta for Katrina Kaif. Karan Malhotra wanted an organic and real feel but since it’s me who is doing the look, there had to be some element of glamour in it! It’s not a typical bling thing and it’s the colour that is the hero. We have used a lot of sari borders to add to the vibrancy of the song. There are three looks —- a yellow checked kashta, a ghagra and another red kashta. The second kashta was originally supposed to be a red lehnga but since the first one worked so well, we decided to go for a second kashta.

The Chikni Chameli Saree Designs comes with a matching blouse material that would be stunning with elbow length sleeves and shallow v neck in the front and heart shaped neck in the back. The fascinating saree has a gradual blend of beige, blue and green through its body where bandhini prints are skillfully scattered. The patterns running through the bandhini prints are accentuated with tiny pearls which are fixed in the design with sturdy threads. The saree would look fabulous on a woman with fair complexion and petite profile. The light weighted saree is easy to drape and flows smoothly through one’s waist. The casual and random designs of the saree are done with careful calculation to achieve a tasteful harmony in the saree.


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