Scorpion Tattoos

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Scorpion Tattoos

Scorpions are small creatures that have violent stings. Maybe this is why some people choose to get a scorpion tattoo to show that even if they may appear weak, they can really hold their ground. Tattoos look grand in color, but may look tougher in black ink. The choice is yours, but color tattoos often give a softer look and add more factor.

Some get a scorpion representation because they are a Scorpio, as it relates to horoscopes. Others get the tattoo because a scorpion is a violent creature, with a rough look. The purpose of a tattoo is usually also to represent ones horoscopes, or to show off a neat looking picture. Often, tattoo artists are able to give the appearance that the scorpion is coming out of your bellybutton or other area on the skin. Without a hesitation, the amount of originality is up to you!

Tattoos represent something about you. A picture of a scorpion inked onto your skin will let others know you mean commerce. Even if scorpions are “tough” looking, they also have a soft side. For instance, some girls have scorpion tattoos on their ankle, which still looks “tough” but adds a soft side to the image as well. A scorpion tattoo placed on an arm, shows strength. Guys will over and over again pick a place such as an arm or leg to show they are tough. Using large tattoos is generally considered male because the tattoo will cover an entire muscle, instead of being hidden. A tattoo on an ankle, or stomach, is often chosen by girls to show a strong, yet slight persona.

Since scorpions frequently live in hot and tough areas, the image of a scorpion shows a person has strength and is able to live through tough moments. This may be why people get scorpion tattoos, to show they are able to make it through difficult situation, and continue strong. The scorpion represents power and force, and proves that size does not matter.

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