Veena Malik ISI Tattoo

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Veena Malik ISI Tattoo

Veena Malik and her photo shoot have made a lot of noise in the media all across the boundaries.  As per Veena’s statement, the photo shoot was not a nude one and her pictures was morphed by the magazine, but the actress agrees to getting an ISI tattoo on her hand.

When probed about the same, the actress said, “We (the editor of the magazine and Veena) were just walking and he suddenly tumbled over me. After this, he jokingly said ‘Issmein bhi ISI ka haat hai’ and we had a hearty laugh. This tattoo was also done in a very playful manner, keeping the fun element in mind and there was nothing serious attached to it.”

“I don’t think there is any need to give so much of importance to the group (ISI). I did the tattoo, but never got any threat of anything from them. We did it in a very light hearted way. No one from ISI has ever given me any problems.”

Well, it’s time for Veena to understand that ISI is a dreadful network and cannot be taken in a light hearted way.

“In India everything is referred to ISI (Pakistan’s spy agency Inter Services Intelligence)”, she told Geo TV. “Even if a very small thing happens, they say ISI is behind it. Everybody blames ISI for everything.”

Malik said the original idea had been Kabeer Sharma’s, editor of FHM’s Indian edition, but that the photos had been “morphed”.

“He told me that (the tattoo) will be very bold and will cover the upper portion of the body, which it did not.

“I agreed to a photo shoot and having an ISI tattoo in a humorous way but I did not have any nude photos. My pictures have been morphed,” said Malik.

“They have the videos of the shoot but it would be in clothes and not without clothes,” the actress said.

Also speaking to Geo, Sharma said Malik had been “very excited for this shoot” and the tattoo by the makeup artist had been “in very thin font, but (Malik) asked to make a bold tattoo of ISI”.

And you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, or controversial? Well you’d be wrong! Veena not just appears nude as a new born baby on the cover of FHM India, but she’s also sporting an ISI tattoo on her arm. ISI is inter-Services Intelligence and happens to be Pakistan’s Premiere Spy Agency. Yep, you read that correctly, Veena Malik is on the cover of FHM India with an ISI tattoo.

Veena, as the cover suggests is the Pakistani W.M.D, or Weapon of Mass Destruction and talks about burqas and Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif – who was sentenced to a year in prison a few months back for his role in the spot fixing controversy and work visas.

Veena Malik was ridiculed and flayed on TV over her controversialBigg Boss appearance in India – the latest move takes her one step further. What this bodes for Veena Malik’s future in the conservative country of Pakistan is anyone’s guess.

And if you think the cover might be a fake, it’s not. A lot of Indian media has covered the story. In fact, Omar Warraich, a journalist covering Pakistan for TIME and The Independent also earlier tweeted:

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has almost certainly roiled the establishment back home posing nude on the latest issue of FHM magazine — with a tattoo on her arm reading ISI.

The ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) is the Pakistani spy agency that is considered a law into itself and which India believes was behind the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai now, we don’t know how the Pakistani government is going to react to Veena’s bold stance but we can be sure to see some action in the next few days.

In this issue of FHM, Veena talks about her ex-boyfriend, Pakistan cricketer Mohammed Asif, who she claimed, was a match-fixer.

She also talks about work visa, which has come under debate after she signed up for Imagine TV’s Swayamvar.

This is not the first time that Veena will have come under the Pakistani scanner.Earlier, Veena created a storm when she cozied up to Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss 4.

Fundamentalist organisations in Pakistan claimed she had destroyed Pakistani culture and had no right to be the citizen of the country. In fact, a Facebook group called Ban Veena Malik was also created.


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