1970’s Hairstyles for Women


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1970’s Hairstyles for Women

1970’s Hairstyles for Women have been sidling back into popularity recently. Not just women’s hairstyles, but men are also jumping on the movement, with a renaissance of hairstyles like the good old mullet. Ladies can really go to town with full on styling to get the 1970’s look. As the blow drier was invented by Corsair in the 1970′s, this was quite a revolutionary time in terms of hair fashion. People were given more control on how to blow their hair in the direction they wanted it to go in the 1970’s, hence bigger backcombed hairstyles on women and for men a tendency to grow the hair a little longer and give it a few flicks and lots of body.

The 1970’s was an exciting time for 1970’s Hairstyles for Women and fashion in general. Coming straight after the sixties there was an attitude of freedom of expression, resulting in, to say the least, some very Avanti Guardia looks and daring experiments with hair color and cuts.

If you want to picture the hair of these times, think of Abba and Charlie’s Angels, glamour was most definitely IN and hairstyles reflected this by becoming very styled, shiny and decorated with ornaments like head bands etc. The plait that was popular in the sixties carried over, but were woven into fringes and subtly added to long sleek hairstyles. Short hair in the 1970’s included bobs and bangs, choppy layers and lots of definition.

1970’s Hairstyles for Women now, in the present day, incorporate all the glam and revolution of the 1970′s but with the superior styling abilities of hair dressers in modern times and the tools available to them, the 1970′s look has evolved into something that however retro, actually looks very modern.


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