Prom Dresses

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Prom Dresses

Every year there are a few colors that are a must for prom. This year there are so many great colors to choose from it will definitely be hard to narrow the choice of dress down. Don’t worry, we are here to help you solve this problem by helping you narrow down the must have prom dress colors for your prom night.

When choosing a color one always has to look to the personality of the girl that is going to be wearing the dress. Normally you could say that the girly girl tends to gravitate towards a pink prom dress. However, nowadays there are so many variations of pink that a girly girl or even a rock type of girl could decide to wear a pink prom dresses. No other dress is as pretty as a pink prom dress. Whether you are going for a pale pink prom dress or a hot pink prom dress the fact of the matter is that you are choosing a color that is meant to stand out. Pink prom dresses can be accessorized with silver, gold or black. Pretty much any of your staple accessory colors would greatly compliment this dress color.

Now if your aim is to stand out at prom you can’t go wrong with a purple prom dress. Purple is the color of royalty. It is one of Windsor’s trademark colors for this specific reason. Purple dressesare dress for the girl that wants to be noticed. It doesn’t matter whether you go with a pale purple dress color or a rich plum dress odds are that if you are wearing this color you will definitely be noticed.

Another noticeably standout color is red. Red prom dresses are for the girl that wants to look beautiful and bold. It is a statement color regardless of whether this dress is long or short. The vibrant hue will be noticeable for miles. This dress color has quite the opposite effect from a pink prom dress. Whereas a pink prom dress will help you appear cute and sweet a red prom dress will make you appear like a vixen. Be wary of the cut of a red dress because you want to make sure that you don’t look tacky. Fortunately, if you purchase your dress at Windsor you don’t have to worry about looking anything less than fabulous.

If you are trying to find a more traditional prom dress then a black prom dress is the dress for you. A black prom dress says that the wearer is chic and sophisticated without trying too hard. If you choose a black prom dress the amount of styling options is infinitesimal. There is no color that won’t compliment this dress. You can both dress it up and go over the top with accessories or you can dress it down and have it be a simpler look. Really there is no limit to the amount of ways to wear a black prom dress.

The last two colors are spot on for Prom 2011 are silver and gold. Silver dresses and gold dresses always have that extra bit of sparkle that make it almost unnecessary to wear a ton of accessories. These two colors are actually fantastic when worn at night. They reflect the lights that are a staple at prom beautifully.


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