Fitting Maternity Jeans

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Fitting Maternity Jeans

Maternity wear is now stylish as well as functional and gone are the days of the wide flowing tent-like garments that try to hide the growing bump. I’ve tried on a whole heap of different maternity jeans and, in my opinion, maternity jeans with the wide jersey fabric stitched onto the maternity jean waistband is the best style to ensure stay-up ability.

Of course, there are maternity jeans available that only have a small elasticized waistband and these would ensure comfort, ease of pulling on and will stay up pretty good but the waistband will sit just on the bump at midpoint of your belly. If you really hate the look of the ‘pouch’ style look with the jersey panel that pulls up over your belly, then opt for the ‘under belly’.

Fitting Maternity Jeans like non pregnancy jeans and have an internal elasticized system which you can pull in tight for a more snug fit, or release when your belly expands to give more room. The good thing about these maternity jeans is that they don’t look like maternity jeans at all, and you would be more inclined to wear them again after the birth of your baby, whilst slimming back down to your normal size. The waistband usually sits just under the belly as hipsters and this depends on your size and shape of your maternity bump as to whether they stay up! Gorgeous maternity blouses, maternity dresses and maternity tops are all available in beautiful modern prints and styles that will look fantastic paired with a great fitting maternity jean.


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