New Bun Hairstyle 2012


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New Bun Hairstyle 2012

New Bun Hairstyle 2012 is one of the most common hair styles of all time. Most women from teenager to adult are choosing this Hairstyle in universally they go. There are many types of hair bun, but this time, it will be the untidy bun show time.

Yes, sometimes everyone wants to looked messy but still in style. And this style completely helps them because though it seems messy, women with this bun still look fabulous, chick, and stylish. No doubt it becomes popular from generation to generation. The following is simple guides to make a New Bun Hairstyle 2012

1. Serum. For this type of bun, you want a serum such as Herbal Essences No More Curl. But don’t use it too much and do this at the ends.

2. Brush. Take a brush and comb it back at the top. This is to make the top of your hair is teased back. Still with the brush, tease the sides of your hair. While with your hands, smooth your crown and sprits deeply with any hairspray. You need to unceasingly brushing your hair and smoothing it over with your hands.

3. After that, gather your hair with both hands. Make it as a high ponytail, and smoothing out the bumps carefully while moving your hair up your crown. You can do this by flipping your hair upside down and gathering all your hair in one spot. For this case, using a paddle brush is really helpful.

4. Secure the bun that you have made. You can do this by tying your flexible around the center of the circle or wrap your elastic twice around your hair then pull your ponytail half-way through the elastic.

5. Now you need to highlight your New Bun Hairstyle 2012 by doing quite a few steps like running your fingers through the front of your hair to loosen it from the elastic and add texture. Or you can slide in a thin black headband two inches back from your hair line, and slide in a second thin black headband three inches behind the first one.

6. Hairspray. For the finishing touch, haze your complete head with hairspray. It will make your New Bun Hairstyle 2012 stays longer.


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