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Bridal Sarees Fashion 2012


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Bridal Sarees Fashion 2012

Bridal Sarees Fashion 2012 is the traditional costume of Indian women. In ancient times saree was the only clothing worn by the Indian ladies. But now this tilting has changed, girls are wearing jeans, skirts and gowns. But when it comes to weddings, Indians glue to their tradition of Wedding Sarees. Read the rest of this entry


Bold Mehndi Designs


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Bold Mehndi Designs

Bold Mehndi Designs: If you like to express yourself with Bold Mehndi Designs you are going to need some good Bold Mehndi Designs and patterns to help you with your next Mehndi project. Read the rest of this entry

Indian Shadi Lehnga


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Indian Shadi Lehnga

Indian Shadi Lehnga is being designed in many styles, most of the designers use Blouse with it, but now a day’s short kurti is also being used with it. Traditionally women use short blouse with Indian Shadi Lehnga called Choli. Read the rest of this entry

Embroidered Abayas

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Embroidered Abayas

The Embroidered Abayas is a traditional over garment worn throughout the Muslim people. According to the dictates of Islam every lady should cover her body and face. They are not allowed to expose their selves to others. For this very purpose, Abbaya and gown are the best outfits. Read the rest of this entry

Beautiful Hair Care Tips

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Beautiful Hair Care Tips

Looking beautiful and practicing Beautiful Hair Care Tips, go hand and hand during pregnancy. Pregnant women are known for the gorgeous glow they exude. Read the rest of this entry

Care Tips for Oily Skin

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Care Tips for Oily Skin

Many of us tend to look at Oily Skin Care as a problem. Sebum is produced by the skin to protect and moisturize it. What is essential is the right type of Oily Skin Care so as to have just enough oil on the skin. Most of the time, you can resort to simple home remedies for oily skin, be it simple face masks or fruit extracts. Read the rest of this entry

Latest Trends in Salwar Kameez

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Latest Trends in SalwarKameez

Time to new styles and names were presented in the Indian salwar kameez market. Traditional Churidar salwar is very popular and famous between the Indian and Pakistani community. They are all-occasions outfit. They are formal, informal, can be worn in weddings, commercial functions, parties, etc. Read the rest of this entry

Asian Bridal Dresses

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Asian Bridal Dresses

Every bride wants to look her very best when she’s getting wedded, and often they want something that reflects their parents, for example, thus they may wish for Asian bridal salwarkameez. Asian bridal dresses are often very beautiful. For example, many Indian wedding dresses are made from very special chiffons and even rare silks. They usually also include especially intricate sampler that is careful especially rare. Read the rest of this entry

Abaya Design 2011

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Abaya Designs 2011

The Abaya is the traditional long flowing robe worn by Muslim women. This is truly the symbol of modest and elegant dressing that is according to the guidelines laid down by Islam. Islam requires that women do wear loose flowing robes that cover their entire body and protect them from unwanted attention that can cause trouble. Read the rest of this entry

Jeans with Stylish Boots

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Jeans with Stylish Boots

Pairing Jeans with Stylish Boots gives you a unique look. Boots instantly spice up your attire. While you might essentially need a pair of boots in the fall, you can always wear them as a perfect fashion accessory. Well, you have a numerous options when you wish to wear your favorite pair amongst the different types of boots. Read the rest of this entry