Rockabilly Hair Style

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Rockabilly Hair Style

Moreover accessorizing the rockabilly hair is very important. After styling it is required to dress up the hair using at least one accessory like a bandanna, vintage headband, flower clip or a rhinestone barrette. Rockabilly styles are meant to be daring, so do not be shy to maintain loyalty to your style.

Hair Style

This is a rockabilly hair style. Her hair is very short midway to her ear and slightly longer in the front which is brushed against her cheek. The bangs hang slightly in the front on her forehead and the back is a little longer than the sides.

Hair Cut

She has fine hair. Her hair has been layered and the edges have been razor cut to give her this cute look. The back has been cut close to her neck to finish off this cut.

Hair Color

She has chocolate brown hair with red shimmering highlights.

Suitable For

  • Face shapes: Round
  • Hair texture: Thin, Medium
  • Hair density: Medium


  • Maintenance: Easy
  • Time:  Only 5 to 10 min
  • Techniques: Blow dry, Finger dry
  • Products: Mousse, Curl enhancer


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