2012 Glitter Eye Makeup


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2012 Glitter Eye Makeup

2012 Glitter Eye Makeup is the type of eye makeup that is perfect for evening parties and gives you very attractive and hot look. With 2012 Glitter Eye Makeup you can catch the attraction of others. Here we have some tips for 2012 Glitter Eye Makeup to give you appealing look for your evening party.

2012 Glitter Eye Makeup Step 1-

In the first step you just apply primer of your skin tone preferably liquid primer that are not very greasy and then apply basic golden yellow shade for giving base of your eye makeup.

2012 Glitter Eye Makeup Step 2-

In the second step you apply color of your own choice on eyelids but note the way in which you can get more impressive look is the application of darker shade on the outer edge of the eyelid while the lighter shade is best for the inner half of eyelid near to tear duct and below the crease line of your eyelid.

2012 Glitter Eye Makeup Step 3-

Now it is the turn to apply eyeliner and mascara but before the application of mascara you must curl your eyelashes to make your eyes broader and open.

2012 Glitter Eye Makeup Step 4-Apply liquid Glitter color on the entire eyelid just after the crease line to eyeliner, you can also apply glitter eyeliner easily available in the market. The best way for the application of liquid glitter color is, you apply it with the help of your eye shadow brush and just damp on eyelid no blending or spreading is require here.

This is the simplest technique to apply 2012 Glitter Eye Makeup you can make more different looks with little variation in basic pattern.


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