2011 Abayas Collections

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2011 Abayas

The abayas is a traditional over garment wear throughout the Muslim people. According to the dictate of Islam every lady should cover her body and face. They are not allowed to expose their selves to others. For this very purpose, Abayas and gown are the best outfits. It is worn over house clothing as an opportune garment. In the past times women used to wear simple Abayas but with the passage of time a lot of variations have taken place in this field as well.

Now ladies want to wear latest and stylish Abayas which should be according to their status and personality. Abayas are very outstanding and up to the mark in this regard. They are provided that such kind of beautiful Abayas in every color which are very comfortable and suitable for any atmosphere. Stitching on the cuffs and front of this classic abaya provides a unique style. This selection is constructed from high quality all weather polyester fabric. It’s simple but stylish piece to add to any Islamic wardrobe. These are imported from Jordan. It can easily be available if necessary.

Abayas is an Islamic outfit which covers whole body of women except feet hands and face. But this religious dress has now taken very stylish look touch because of the chipping in of new designers. Among them is the well-known one who has made her name by introduce latest outfits particularly in Abayas. The most important thing that determines a right abaya is the choice of colour palettes. Wear colours that compliment your complexion and suit the climate and occasion.

Wearing dark colored or woolen abayas in the hot summer days is definitely a fashion faux. Choose soothing colours like pastels, beiges, coral, pinks and big pink floral patterns. Your evening wear jilbabs can have some bring on brighter shades of pinks, purples and blue. This Abaya in Fashion attracted and generated a complete new deprived segment of the market and their designs are now embraced by young students to business professionals from all over the world- all of these women all have one thing in mind…modesty!


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