Girls Emo Makeup Tips


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Emo Makeup for Girls

Emo makeup is fairly simple as far as makeup goes—it doesn’t change very much. The question is—what are the most recent emo makeup styles for girls?First of all, cat’s eye eyeliner is quite common and is what most girls can be found sporting. On the other hand, they may extend this past the inner corner of their inner eye instead of making a brush on the outside.

Eye shadow is also very popular, especially eyeshade that extends past the crease. Try to keep your eye shadow as smooth and well mixed as possible. This creates a sexier, smokier look. Make sure that you keep your eyeliner in a hard line, on the other hand.

Emo fashion is everything that boasts of neon or dark eye shadows, thick dark eye liners, oodles of mascara and yes, not to forget those killer false eye lashes. In brief, emo makeup is all about overdid eye than anything else. Like all other Gothic, steampunk and indie fashion style, emo makeup too has defied the natural order of things and has won itself an iconic bearing over the time. Emo makeup is all about being exceptionallybrazen with your eyes, while keeping the rest of the makeup to bare minimum. So, for all you girls, who are game for emo makeup, look no further. Here are some expert tips to get that sweltering black pallid look. To know more on this, read on.

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