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Since, it is a much debated topic in the media the question that comes to mind, what is the Jilbab? This requires a whole article to just answer that so here is a very short attempt to answer the question. The Jilbab is a long cloak dress according to the verses of the Holy Qur’an verse (333:59) instructed to Muslim women. It is symbol of modesty, Islamic status and a defensive measure against unwarranted sexual advances by promoting self respect, dignity and honor for women.

The point that the Western world and advocates of pro choice seem to have forgotten is that less than 100 years ago, women living in European and American countries also used to wear clothes that fully covered them from the throat to the feet. It was considered vulgar and inappropriate for women to expose their bodies to any member of the opposite sex. The long trailing robes and gowns made up the entire contents of the ladies wardrobe. In addition to these gowns, it was mandatory to wear fitted pants under the gown, in order to prevent even the slightest bit of exposure during movement.

So why it that the Muslim women are is told that the Jilbabs they wear are made compulsory by the male dominating Muslim society as a way to oppress them? Why was it alright for the western women to wear clothes that were acceptable to the males of their society, but a Muslim woman cannot cover her in order to please Allah? The women do have a choice and they choose to wear Jilbabs and hijabs in most cases. They select these outfits because they are the proper way of dressing prescribed by Islam.

As this debate has taken place from east to the west there has been some strong hostility for Muslim women. Hijab ban in France, Turkey and Tunisia are just a few examples that come to mind. This has not hindered the determination of Muslim women to come out more resilient. Just a simple search of Jilbab on Google will display results showing that women in the Muslim community have a lot of creativity in inventing very chic and elegant designs of Jilbab.

There is nothing about wearing Islamic clothes that can be tied to extremism. Women and men who opt to wear abayas, Jilbabs, hijabs and jubbas in their lives are doing so to protect their honour and please their Allah. They are following the Sunnah of their beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was the ambassador or peace and forgiveness. He was a gentle being who spread the religion Islam not by mite but by his own great deeds and actions. His teachings were of compassion and kindness and not of violence and cruelty. Therefore, the religion Islam and its way of life in no way preach this type of radicalism that is being associated with Islamic clothing articles today.


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