Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

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Foundation Makeup for Oily Skin

There are cosmetic companies that make skin-tone specific foundations. Make sure to get a high-quality foundation makeup for oily skin that doesn’t make worse or clog your pores, and evens out the appearance of your skin.

Here are some tips that will help you pick the foundation makeup for oily skin.

  • Foundation sticks always buy foundation that is one tone lighter than your skin tone. This will give a natural look to your makeup. Foundation sticks cover up the blotchy look and can hold for long hours. Mineral foundation doesn’t use mineral foundations during winters. This season is generally dry and the mineral foundation will make your skin look dry and oily at certain areas.
  • Liquid foundations with mineral powder can be one way to escape from such issues. The foundation should be 100% pure minerals. Here’s some more information about mineral makeup for oily skin. Foundation powder Instead of using a liquid foundation, powder foundations are much more effective. They stay in place and absorb excess oils from the skin. Foundation with SPF If you choose to go with any liquid foundations, check the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) on the label. The number indicates how many hours the SPF lasts.
  • There are many foundations with SPF 15 and SPF 30 available in the market. That is a big bonus for foundations because it provides maximum coverage for your skin. Choose which works best for oily skin tone. Check for full-coverage matte foundations, rather than light or medium coverage foundations which won’t be long lasting for oily skin. Check the ingredients on the foundations that say “For oily skin“. Don’t use your fingers to apply the foundation, only use a make-up sponge. This will prevent from spreading more oil onto your face.

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