Indian Salwar Kameez


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Indian Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez is the land of festivals; the Navarathri of September, which is a festival of dance and worship, the Holi, which is a very popular spring festival, the Diwali, the Eid and some 150 other festivals that are held in various places. Truly, it is a haven for people who love the gaiety and the burst of sights and sounds that come with festivals.

This is possible not only because of the decorations and embellishments that come with festivals but also with the array of colors that makes Indian Salwar Kameez, well, Indian. That is why it isn’t surprising that Indian Salwar Kameez and festivals are often mentioned in the same breath.One particular ensemble that is very visible during festivals is the Indian Salwar Kameez, with its colorful variations, traditional-and-classy add-ons such as the dupatta, and intricately-designed neck and sleeve trimmings.

While the Salwar Kameez is the usual, bordering on the ordinary, clothing of some South Asian countries, the Indian salwar kameez can get nowhere near ordinary. After all, most of these articles of clothing were made with the celebration of festivals in mind.Salwar kameez is actually a phrase that signifies two parts – the salwar, which is the bottom or the pants; and the kameez or the blouse. Technically, salwar is loose fitting and narrow in the end. However, there are several versions such as the churidar which is very similar to today’s skinny jeans, where the excess folds appear like bangles, giving it a more exotic appearance.

The kameez is a tunic, usually straight-cut. However, evolutions in Indian fashion gave rise to several versions such as the poncho type and the ultramodern sleeveless types with geometric patterns. These tunics are usually embellished with resham, sequins, beads and lace work in the neckline and hem area.


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