Arabian Abaya

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Arabian Abaya

Islam has given a complete way to lead our lives in the most protected and the most unprecedented manner. In this regard a special stress has been laid by Islam upon women to cover them and special instructions have also been laid down about observing hijab and covering themselves. In the wake of these instructions, there has been the development of abaya which facilitates the Muslim female to cover her completely. Among the Arabian Abaya of various designs, the Dubai Arabian Abaya has been the most popular all over the Muslim world. Like every form and kind of abaya, the Arabian Abaya is among those which make us realize about the nature of the dress issue.

It is natural that we should turn to our Creator to seek guidance for the proper dress code. In this regard it is up to us the Muslims that how we take both the Islamic laws as well as the latest trends hand in hand with each other. Different brands of the Arabian Abaya provide us an ample example in this regard. Basically abaya is traditional Arabian Islamic clothing, dress and it is designed in such a way that it covers the full body length and can be worn over the clothes. Arabian Abaya provides the wide range of designs and styles of Arabian Abaya in this regard.

Abaya is such a dress that is known by various names but basically it is meant to serve the same purpose, which is to cover. No matter what may be the abaya design, it is meant for covering the whole outlook along with the face features. Presently there are some of the contemporary models of abaya design are usually cut from light, flowing fabrics. This serves both the purposes, which are covering and design. However there are several styles of Arabian Abaya which differ from region to region, but in most of the cases abaya design consist of black color in bulk. Some abaya have embroidery on black material while others are brightly colored and have different forms of artwork across them.



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