Bandhni Saree


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Bandhni Saree

Bandhni Saree has always been a top favorite among art connoisseurs since it highlights the artistic facet of one’s personality in the most grandeur manner. Though, the sari is a hit among all sari lovers, it has crossed boundaries and has made its way to the wardrobes of the rich and the famous.

The tie-dyed sarees of Gujarat are perhaps the best produced in India. Also known as Bandhni Saree, Single color sarees and odhnis with white spots are also common. The most famous of this type is the Gujarati sarees called Garchola It is usually red, but occasionally green, and is divided into a network of squares created by rows of white tie – dyed spots or woven bands of zari.  Which gives you more than 100 latest gujrati saree designs of bandhani saris, gujrati sarees, traditional gujrati saris, bandhni sarees for festivals and traditional get together for online shopping in the world.  Demanding firm grasp on the artwork, they are generally distinguished from others with their bold and elaborate patterns over the silk fabric. Though, nowadays, mostly larger designs and less of tie patterns are being used.

Bandhni Saree print is quite famous all over India and abroad simply because of their lively and dynamic color combinations.  Because of the duplication of the Bandhni Saree, the market has shrunk down to a greater level. These duplicated sarees are sold at a lower price and that has highly affected on the marketing of the real Bandhni Saree. Yes, you can find some difference in the duplicated sarees and the real sarees.  When we talk about Bandhej print on silk sarees, then we must take into consideration the varied tools and raw materials essential for executing the beautiful print on a silk fabric, and thus, making them immortally beautiful. The raw materials and tools required are like Silk cloth, Thread for tying, Starch, Colors for dyeing(as vegetable colors), Wooden blocks for design making, Simple implements for dyeing These sarees are created in such a way that when it is made completely you will find beautiful traditional designs created on it.


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