Lal Saree

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Lal Saree

Lal(Red) has always remained the symbol of Indian wedding – the color of bridal Lal Sarees! Most of the brides from all over India wear Lal on their wedding day. Tamil Brides like to wear heavy Kanjeevaram Lal Sarees. The uniqueness of Lal Saree is matched by the bridal jewelery that is mostly in gold. The combination of Lal and golden color makes the south Indian bride more beautiful.

Bengali Bride in Lal richly worked upon handloom Lal Saree, so well portrayed by Aishwarya Rai in Devdas, is no hidden secret. The distinguishing feature of a bengali bride is the white head crown. The white color of this crown, against all over Lal, makes the face of bengali bride glow with beauty.

However, not all Indian brides wear Lal but yes there is always a stint of Lal color in their attire. For example, Gujarati brides wear the combination of Lal and white as their bridal dress. But the fever of Lal has caught the Gujarati bride too. More and more of them are now dressing less traditionally and wearing Lal or blue or gold but of course matched with Lal color.

Indian wedding is not confined to the wedding day only. There are many other rituals that go along with it spanning many days before and after the big day. In all the other associated functions, the Indian bride loves to wear Lal which is consider Lal the color of ‘suhagan’ or the married woman. There are many regions where Lal Saree is not the bridal dress but the bridal lehengas are worn like in Rajasthan. However, as the Indian women can’t leave the temptation of wearing a Lal Lal Saree, the Rajasthani bride fulfills her wish by wearing Lal or maroon bridal Lal Sarees to give her feel of Lal Indian Bridal Lal Sarees.


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