Micro Mini Skirts

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Micro Mini Skirts

The Micro Mini Skirts really took the fashion industry by storm when it was first created, where women’s hemlines kept on rising from below the knee to way up on the thigh, so that more flesh was shown in a sexy way. Many women played between the sexy and the modest by wearing a micro skirt, but with kneehigh boots, so that very little of the leg was bared for all to see.

Today many micro miniskirts are made from either spandex or nylon, although the denim micro mini skirt is also increasingly popular today and there is also a whole range of mini skirts made from all sorts of different fabrics and designs. The time when these skirts first started to appear in a large quantity was around the 1950’s where many young women were seen to be wearing these skirts, and they kept on growing in popularity, especially during the time of the sixties, which is when they were probably in their most popular stage ever.

The micro skirt was worn in many different ways over the ensuing years, often with boots and sometimes with stilettos or else over pants, like jeans, which was once quite a fashionable statement to make amongst the women of this time. Still to this day, the micro mini skirt is as popular as it has been since its creation in around the fifties, where women wear it in all seasons of the year – with stockings and boots in winter and with sandals in summer for some great tanning on the beach. Girls are also starting to wear these striking micro mini skirts from a younger and younger age, as fashion has moved across all the different age groups, so that everyone can partake and look great.

The mini skirt is available to purchase in a range of stunning colors and fabrics, so that it will be able to be worn on many different occasions – maybe a silky black mini skirt would be more suited to a more formal occasion, while you could wear a cotton one made from pastel colors on a more casual occasion, perhaps a day out in the sunshine. These skirts can be worn with just a bikini top when hanging out on the beach or even with a formal shirt to work and to other places – they go with absolutely anything and can be worn basically anywhere. Whether you choose to wear them with knee-high socks and shoes (like the cheerleaders have made so popular of late) or with boots or highheeled shoes, anything will look great with a skirt.


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