khaleeji Abaya Designs


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khaleeji Abaya Designs

Khaleeji Abayas For just around the area and there is a buzz in the air.  Everyone is now talking about what abayasthey want.  Abayais the time when one of the sacred saunas is applied in terms of retail new Islamic Clothing for the Eid Festivals.

When you want to feel like a Queen, just throw on one of these Khaleeji (Khaliji) abayas and caftans. Abaya fashions from the Gulf are visually stunning! So are their caftans. Beautiful sampler, flowing material, all of it just mutual to make one feel good the minute you put it on. You can wear these abaya and caftan fashions for special occasions like, family gatherings and parties.

Women’s Khaleeji Abaya is a traditional Muslim wear (common more among Middle Easter khaleeji women), which is like a cloak produced of a single piece of cloth. They cover all the things below the shoulders barring only the hands and feet. Traditionally they were available in dark though these days they are also available in different vibrant colors.

However these days it has become very usual among lady of different regions; you may identify them as kaftans. Even popular designer, DomeniciVacca, has decided to add popular Women’s Khaleeji Abaya models to his collection. This will actually help in making this type of clothes more popular. They can be traditional wear for Muslim lady, though no one may deny that they are very comfortable.


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