Eye Makeup Tips

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Eye Makeup Tips

In a whole makeup eyes are the essential part which can be most beautifully decorated with improved makeup. There are some important points that should keep in mind while going for a glamorous EyeMakeup. Here we are going to tell you some Eye Makeup Tips for you to enhance your face beauty.

Eye Makeup Tips Step 1:

First of all make a smooth base on your eye lid, it makes your eye shades smooth and gives a neat look to your eyes. Try to make your eye base according to your skin tone. There are so many eye base foundations like liquid foundation, stick foundation, powder base foundation etc. Use a finger to dap the foundation; this is the best way to merge your skin tone with the foundation.

Eye Makeup Tips Step 2:                     

Now apply the basic shade according to your choice and spread it on whole eye. Again use your finger to smoothed your eye shadows. It depend on you whether you want a single eye shade or you go with more than one eye shade. If you want to use second shade, apply it on the corners of the eye and try to take a darker eye shadow than the existing eye shade.

Eye Makeup Tips Step 3:

Now apply the eye highlighter to your eyes near to the eye brows. This color should be contrasted with your eye shades like golden, silver or any bright color. This Eye Makeup Tip gives a broad look to a simple eye.

Eye Makeup Tips Step 4:

Now apply the eye liner in this way that it touches the eye lid or the eye lashes. There are so many styles of applying eyeliner. To give a broad look to eye apply thick eyeliner and if you want to get small eye look give thin eyeliner to eye makeup.

Eye Makeup Tips Step 5:

Finally apply the mascara to eye lashes and finish your eye makeup. Rub the excessive shades and give a powder touch around the eyes.


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