Black Hair Care

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Black Hair Care

Black Hair is also known as African-American Black Hair, they are the one which are rougher, curly and brittle. Such hair is entirely gentle and requires a great amount of Hair Care. Black Hair Care requires messaging of scalp with oil on daily basis which can be very much useful for getting rid of the dryness of hair. Use of Black Hair Care Shampoo  on daily basis is not suggested, as it takes off all the oils and moisture from hair, therefore Hair Care Shampoo  must be used once after 3 or 6 days. Those people who are engaged in sports events must wash their hair with plain water and they must use Hair Care Shampoo on very special events.

If there is a need to use Hair Care Shampoo sequentially then go ahead by using a slight Hair Care Shampoo. Shampoo having a low PH level must be used while washing your hair. Never opt for the shampoo which has both shampoo and conditioner in it as it is not suitable for dry hair, use the Hair Care Shampoo and conditioner individually. Make sure that Hair Care Shampoo must be applied in one direction to avoid twisting. Rinse your hair with warm water, use of hot water must be avoided as it can dry and irritate the scalp.

Conditioner must be used while taking shower as it will give extra moisture, add shine, and protection to the hair. Do not use dry towel on wet hair, it causes masses and breakage to the hair and reduce the use of items like dryers, iron and ceramics plates. Wide notched comb must be used as it gets across the hair quiet easily and it is always good to comb hair when hair is moist. While combing if you find tangles in your hair then use fingers to loosen the tangles and then continue combing your hair.

Hot oil treatment must be given to the hair once a month to remoisturize the hair and scalp. Instead of using the cotton pillow case, use silk pillow case so that your hair does not get caught up by it. You can also use satin scarf over your hair to avoid hair breakage while sleeping. Avoid hair products which have alcohol in them as they dry out the hair.


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