Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Every woman craves for a fresh and glowing face. Not all of us are blessed with such skin and this is where makeup plays an important role. More than anyone else, women who suffer from acne prone oily skin want to make their face more presentable. But, the most common mistake they do is that they apply more products than are actually needed. This in turn creates more problems for them.

Using the right Makeup Tips for Oily Skin is particularly important if you suffer from constant breakouts. Over doing it on the makeup can clog pores and make your skin much more vulnerable to blackheads and whiteheads. Mentioned below are few Makeup Tips for Oily Skin.

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin:

• Clean your face with a mild cleanser suitable for your skin type. Apply astringent on your face and wait for a few minutes. Moisturizers are important for oily skin too. Smooth on a mattifying oil-free moisturizer to keep skin soft while getting rid of shine.

• Always apply foundation primers. Opt for silicon based primers that will help your makeup to stay and not slid off after some time.

• As far as foundations go always choose a matte foundation that provide full-coverage. These foundations are more durable when compared to light or medium coverage foundations. Also, keep in mind to pick a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. It will help you to cover up the darkening caused by the secretion of oil on your face. Use minimal amount of foundation, a light coating of foundation will last longer when compared to a thick layer of foundation.

• Use matte variety pressed powder as it is exclusively designed for oily skin. You should lightly press the powder into your face rather than smoothing it over. Smothering the powder on your face can weaken the foundation. Use a powder that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.

• Apply eye makeup primer onto lids prior to your eye shadows. Take a flat head eye shadow brush and use a stippling motion to pack the eye shadows on compactly. Avoid creamy eye shadows as they may crease on you.

• Apply some shadow on top of your eyeliner to lock the colour and avoid any smudging.

• Pick a blush that has a good staying power. Avoid using cream or liquid blushes because they heighten the shiny appearance of oily skin. A gel cheek stain will work best for you. Though it will fade gradually in the day yet, it won’t leave an unattractive streaking like a powder blush.

• You can use shimmer on the lips.

• Use oil-blotting papers to lift shine away throughout the day.

• Avoid products that contain alcohol as alcohol will deplete oil in the skin thus forcing the body to produce more. This will make your skin oilier than before. Water-based products are the best to use as makeup for oily skin.


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