Skull Tattoo

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Skull Tattoo

When a person wants to choose a Skull Tattoo in order to look and create him feel tough, it is common for them to choose skull tattoos. There are several varieties of this Skull Tattoo Designs available in the tattooing world.

A few notable symbolic meanings of the Skull Tattoo are as follows:

In the past skull tattoos, were unusually designed for female, the advent of the recent unisex world, skull tattoos are worn both by men and women. In order to bring feminine touch, contemporary tattooists even may add a bow to the pre-existing anatomy of the skull – color it in pink or purple to make it more acceptable to their women clients. This Skull Tattoo are often worn by committed couples where the tattoos remain the same but appear in varying masculinity forms to symbolize eternal love for each other beyond the grave.

In Christendom, the skull has always represented human arrogance, sorrow and time without end of the soul. However a skull with a serpent appears through its eye socket is symbolical of knowledge and immortality of the human mind.

In the old days, during battles; decapitation of the head of the bested enemy was common in order to provide a solid proof that the enemy is dead. It not only did display power and advantage but the sight of a beheaded skull brought fear in minds of the enemies.

During the dark ages, the Celtic lords symbolized the skull as a form of greater changes rather than danger or death which gives skull tattoos a more positive spin in the recent times. In the modern times skull is seen as a symbol for power, protection and strength.

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