Bronzer Makeup

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Bronzer Makeup

There are Bronzer Makeup many options like sunless tanning, tanning lotions, etc. but giving that classy bronze touch to your face in minutes is something that you can do with a bronzer. It does not matter if you have a dark or fair skin, this is sure to give you a sexy look. Selecting the right bronzer and applying it rightly is what you need to do with Bronzer Makeup care.

Here’s more about working on the bronzer makeup.

What are the various types of bronzers available in the market and which is the right color for you.

These are transparent in color, get absorbed easily into the skin and give a classic glowing bronze look. One of the advantages these have is that you can blend these with the foundation to have various tones. Many stay away from these due to the tricky application these need. You need to apply these with your finger tips or sponge.

This is the most commonly used type for a perfect bronzer makeup due to ease of application. This is also the best type of bronzer for those having oily or combination skin. What’s more? These can also be used as eye shadow at times to give a classic uniformity to the bronzer make up.

Cream bronzers are generally used during the winters and year round by those having dry skin. These help moisturize the skin. These can be used on the entire face to get a particular skin tone or for just highlighting specific features of your face.

One of the basic bronzer makeup tips is that you need to pick a color that is just 1 – 2 shades darker than your natural facial skin tone. If you have a fair or pinkish skin, go for a bronzer with a touch of pink. Bronzer make up done with shades like honey, orange or amber looks great on olive skin tone. Darker skin looks great with bronzers in cinnamon, brown or tawny shades. For medium fair or yellowish skin tone, golden bronzers look great.

Well, here’s the section that you must have been eager to read about. Let’s move on to see how to apply bronzer make up.


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